NCNMLG Business Meeting Minutes October 5, 2015

Business Meeting: 10:30 – 11:15 amĀ 

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  1. Ysabel Bertolucci Award 2014 to Judith Mills — Stephen Kiyoi
  2. Treasurer’s update — Judith Mills
  3. NCNMLG/MLGSCA merger update — Stephen Kiyoi
  4. Joint Meeting 2016 update — Michelle Henley
  5. Membership dues — Mike Liddicoat

Program: 11:15-12:15 pm

Update on Clinical Librarianship — New Roles & Opportunities

Peggy Tahir, MLIS, MA
Education & Copyright Librarian
Library & Center for Knowledge Management
University of California, San Francisco

Nicole Capdarest-Arest, MA(LIS)
Clinical Librarian
Lane Medical Library
Stanford University

Alexander Lyubechansky, MA, MLIS
Clinical Librarian
Savitt Medical Library-Las Vegas
University of Nevada

Michelle Henley, MLS
Clinical Research Librarian
UCSF Medical Center / Fishbon Library

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