Spotlight: Michelle Henley & MLA Nominating Commitee

Michelle Henley, Coordinator of Instruction and Consultation Services at the Barnett-Briggs Medical Library at San Francisco General Hospital sat down with our bloggers to talk about her nomination for the MLA Nominating Committee. Here is the scoop from the Nov. 30th conversation.

Can you please tell us the position for which you are running?
I am one of the nominees for the MLA nominating committee for 2013/14.

What interested you in the position?
I was actually selected by a board member and I became a nominee through the board.

What does the nominating committee do?
The nominating committee is responsible for selecting the candidates for the next MLA election. This committee is responsible for nominating the president and other candidates for the ballot.

Is there something new you want to accomplish?
I think it’s important to have representation from the West coast, and to have people on this committee from this region so we can provide more input to MLA.

Do you think MLA should have a role in defending smaller medical libraries that are being shut down?
Yes, I think they should try to do what they can. In the past MLA has been very good about communicating to hospital administrators via letters (on an at-request basis). Perhaps if MLA can systematically look at this issue nation-wide and creating some advocacy on a regular basis. Typically MLA has supported libraries that are closing / at risk for closing, and it has been on a case-by-case basis. Perhaps a more concerted effort to help these libraries would be an appropriate next strategy.

Have you spoken with any past members of the nominating committee?
No, not at this time.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
I think that it’s really good to be involved in MLA. Section membership is good, as well as serving on committees. It’s great for getting exposure to national issues. Being involved in the local chapter is also good. Some roles within our local chapter, like chapter council rep and president, meet during the MLA annual meeting.

If elected, what are some ways in which you would like the NCNMLG members to interact with you?
I think the members could have input on potential nominees. Members can let me know names of individuals that may be interested in running for positions.

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