Proposed Membership Dues Increase- Feedback

Below is the feedback that I have received to date regarding the proposed membership dues increase, for your consideration. I will add to this as I receive more feedback. Thanks to everyone so far who has weighed in on the topic!!

  • Great Idea!
  • $35.00 is a very low membership rate considering all the educational and informational benefits provided by NCNMLG. I will happily pay it to support this organization.
  • In general I understand that $25 is low. MLGSCA has been charging $35 for several years.
  • I think it should go to $30 only to avoid losing members. Few of us are having salary increases these days. Thanks.
  • I understand the reasons behind the increase, but since I have to pay all my professional membership out of my pocket … every dollar counts. MLA’s fees are quite high and if you combined with the ALA+ACRL and other memberships, you have quite a budget. I suggest to increase to $30, that is the CARL membership due.
  • I vote no…do not increase dues.  Thank you
  • At $35, it is still a bargain!
  • I think the dues need to stay the same at this point. NCNMLG is still financially afloat; Just because dues have not been raised in a long time, does not mean there needs to be an increase; It is fine that our dues level is in the middle of other organizations; This is a bad economy, many librarians have not received a raise or cost of living increase in a long time; We want dues to be within the reach of new members, and let old members know they are valuable to the organization by keeping dues in an affordable range. There is no pressing need for dues to increase at this time. I vote to keep the dues the same. Thanks.
  • While I appreciate the lower dues, it probably makes sense to increase them. If there is a lot of resistance, I would go with $30 and then an increase to $35 in 5-7 years.
  • I have no problem with an annual NCNMLG dues increase to $35.
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