Networking and Outreach Event

Xan Goodman in Turkey 2011The NCNMLG Outreach committee hosted a successful open house networking event on April 16, 2014, at the Mountain View campus of El Camino Hospital. Attendees participated in a game of get to know you bingo and won prizes for getting “BINGO.” I presented a short NCNMLG Meet and Greet PowerPoint presentation created by NCNMLG member Julia Hause, about the benefits of joining NCNMLG:

Mike Liddecoat gave tours of the El Camino library to participants after our event. Stephen Kiyoi, put together a mentoring binder of 19 NCNMLG members who are available to mentor those interested. Jennifer Dinalo, a recent SJSU graduate and new STEM librarian at SJSU checked in guests and made sure everyone received their BINGO game cards. While Judith Mills and Chezire Aclimandos helped to organize and gather the catered food for our event. We had a good turn out a few guests who expressed interest in mentoring and NCNMLG membership. Thank you to all of the above named committee members who helped to organize this event and to the executive board for their financial support.
Xan Goodman, Chair Outreach Committee

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2 Responses to Networking and Outreach Event

  1. Carmen Huddleston says:

    Thank you Xan and everyone who participated in this event. It was a fun and relaxing way to meet new and existing members. A great success indeed!

  2. Judith W. Mills says:

    It was a wonderful event, Xan and the committee did an outstanding job! If you have not attended it this time make sure to participate in the next one. Special thanks to Xan for flying out from Nevada and for subsidizing many of the expenses from her own funds.


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