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April 16th was a busy day for NCNMLG members. We hosted a business meeting, MLA CE class, and an outreach event all on the same day. The day started out with a business meeting at UCSF, followed by an NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region sponsored CE class ‘Librarians Collaborating to Produce Systematic Reviews’. Then in the afternoon, an outreach event was held at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View. Thank you to Raquel Abad and Peggy Tahir for arranging the location and refreshments at UCSF – and a big ‘thank you’ to Xan Goodman who flew all the way from Las Vegas to host the outreach event in Mountain View. Such dedication is what keeps NCNMLG still going strong 67 years later.

At the business meeting, the results of the election were announced. Congratulations to the new Executive Board members and thank you to everyone who ran for office.
The new Executive Board members are:
President: Raquel Abad
Vice-President: Stephen Kiyoi
Secretary: Amy Studer
Treasurer: Judith Mills
Nominating/Election Committee: Julia Hause
Candidate for the MLA Nominating Committee: Michele Henley
Representative to the MLA Chapter Council: Mina Davenport
Alternate Representative to the MLA Chapter Council: Michelle Rachal

Don’t forget May is membership renewal month – dues for this year are $35.00 – still a bargain. Please remember if mailing your membership form, NCNMLG now has a new address:
P.O. Box 64099, Sunnyvale, CA 94088
The new address is on the membership form, but in case you have an old copy, be sure to note the correct address.

MLA Annual Conference is also coming up in May. You have until May 9th to register –
If you haven’t been to an MLA conference and are still undecided – read through the blog entries to learn about some of the exciting events:
If you can’t make it in May, there is the Quint Essential Conference happening in Denver this coming October. Five MLA chapters are hosting the conference:

Thank you for your continued membership and support of NCNMLG.
Carmen Huddleston, MLIS
NCNMLG President, 2013-14

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