About Connections

Connections is the newsletter of the Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group. Because of its blog format, posts are in chronological order. Members and non-members alike are invited to contribute content that may be of interest to chapter members. Posts are usually brief and informational, but longer articles and opinion pieces may be included with only the first paragraph on the main page and additional text on a following page.

In an effort to generate more interest, activity, collegiality, and sense of common purpose within our geographically large chapter, we would like to encourage you to submit articles and information to the newsletter. If possible, please include a graphic or photo related to your post. Since this is a fledgling newsletter, we welcome your suggestions for additions to and improvements in format. Please send your articles, ideas for articles, or suggestions for format changes to Newsletter Editors:

Julia Hause, julia.hause@tun.touro.edu
Amy Studer, astuder@lib.ucdavis.edu

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