NCNMLG Executive Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes, March 31, 2015

Agenda:  Joint Meeting Banking Arrangements  |  Bylaw Reminders  |  Communications Committee Chair  |   Funding for Refreshments

Final Minutes

Treasurer’s Report:  NCNMLG 2014-2015 Budget_03312015

Conference Call:  Starts at 10 am.


Joint Meeting Banking Arrangements

Vote needed to add Mike Liddicoat as a signer on the Chase Bank Account. Mike is the treasurer for the 2016 Joint meeting.

Bylaw Reminders

Voting rules, and MLA membership requirements for board members

Communications Committee Chair

Seeking suggestions for communications committee chair

Funding for Refreshments

Julia Hause has received funding from the PSRML to host the MLA webinar on Data Management at Touro University Nevada. She is requesting $100 from NCNMLG to fund refreshments for the workshop.

Treasurer’s Report

Judith Mills will present this quarter’s treasurer report.