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Contact for more information:
Morgan Brynnan, Membership Services Chair
Email: Morgan.A.Brynnan at KP dot org
Mike Liddicoat
Email: Mike_Liddicoat at elcaminohealth dot org

Benefits of Membership

Professional Development
By participating in NCNMLG, you will gain a unique opportunity to network with peers, to enrich your professional life and to build your resume while sharing your skills and experience with colleagues.

NCNMLG Mentorship Program
Any NCN member can sign up to be a mentor or mentee. Mentors are usually librarians with more experience, and mentees are usually library school students, new librarians, are people in career transitions. It’s completely up to the mentor/mentee how involved they’d like to be. Some ideas for mentor mentee activities include:

  • Informational interviews
  • Site visits
  • Phone conversations
  • Resume review
  • Forwarding of job opportunities
  • Mock interviews

Contact Rachel Keiko Stark i if you’re interested in becoming a mentor or mentee:

Communication Channels
NCNMLG’s Listserv, blog, and Twitter accounts are vital communication channels among members for announcements, questions, problems and discussions of chapter business.

Chapter Meetings
One of the greatest benefits of NCNMLG membership is the chance to network with colleagues in both formal and informal settings.