Grants & Awards

NCNMLG Professional Development Grant
The NCNMLG Professional Development grant program has been created to support NCNMLG members’ professional development activities including attendance at classes, conferences and meetings and to provide NCNMLG members with the opportunity to increase their competence in the theoretical, administrative and/or technical aspects of librarianship and information management.

Applicants must be a regular member of NCNMLG.

NCNMLG distributes $4,000 in awards per year, $2,000 in the spring and $2,000 in the fall. There is a limit of $1,000 on each individual award.

Persons given the award must complete the program within a twelve-month period. Once the program has been completed, the awardee must write a short article for the NCNMLG blog on their experience, or deliver a presentation during an NCNMLG membership meeting. Failure to complete the program or to submit an article/deliver a presentation within the given time will result in the awardee being required to return the funds to NCNMLG.

Application Deadlines:
Calls for proposals are typically sent in the spring and fall of each year.

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Rubric for Professional Development Grant

Locke Morrisey Professional Development Grant for Students
This $300 grant is intended to support conference attendance for a library and information science student interested in medical/health sciences librarianship.

The recipient must be a current student in an ALA accredited MLIS program, and a member of NCNMLG. Student membership is free.

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Ysabel Bertolucci Award for Professional Excellence (previously known as: NCNMLG Award for Professional Excellence)
The NCNMLG Award for Professional Excellence was established in 1991, and the first award was presented to Ysabel Bertolucci in October of 1992. The purpose of this award is to recognize members for significant contributions to NCNMLG and to health sciences librarianship. Criteria for the award include the following:

  1. Candidate’s contributions are significant towards the advancement of health sciences librarianship through the endeavors of NCNMLG.
  2. Candidate’s contributions may include, but are not limited to, service to the group, publications, presentations, and projects.
  3. Candidate is a member of NCNMLG at the time of nomination and has been a member for at least two years. Recipients receive a check for $200.00 and a commemorative plaque.

Please submit your nominations via email to: cosharifi at in the form of a brief narrative describing the nominee’s contributions to health sciences librarianship and NCNMLG.

Past recipients of the NCNMLG Award for Professional Excellence:
2018 Xan Goodman
2017 Michelle Lieggi
2014 Judith Mills
2013 Marcus Banks
2011 No award presented
2010 No award presented
2009 Peggy Tahir
2008 No award presented
2007 No award presented
2006 Terri Malmgren
2005 Anne Shew
2004 Maryann Zaremska
2003 Linda Grix
2002 Rebecca Davis
2001 Dorrie Slutsker
2000 George McGregor
1999 Justine Roberts
1998 No award Presented
1997 Nancy Zinn
1996 Jo Anne Boorkman
1995 Leonard Shapiro
1994 Jacqueline Wilson
1993 No award presented
1992 Ysabel Bertolucci

Emeritus/Emerita Member Status
An NCNMLG member who has belonged to the Group for at least ten years at the time of retirement may apply for emeritus status by noting their request on the first Membership Renewal form received following retirement.

Following return of the form and confirmation of the membership informaiton by the Membership Committee, the member will be notified by the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee that status has been granted. A copy of the awrd letter to hospital librarian applicants will be sent on their behalf to the Hospital Library Section of the Medical LIbrary Association, unless otherwise requested. A copy is also sent to the Membership Chair, to ensure that the member status is updated in the Membership Database.