What I did last summer: Applying for AHIP using a NCNMLG Professional Development Grant, by Michelle Lieggi

As a librarian new to health sciences in 2005, I was eager to apply for membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP). Provisional members (less than 5 years experience) are encouraged to participate in continuing education and professional activities as a means toward full membership. But there is a fee to apply, so I was hesitant to submit my application. Even after 5 years experience, completing several CE courses, and being active in NCNMLG and MLA, the application languished on my desk. It would be another 5 years before I picked it up again. Fortunately, I had stayed active in NCNMLG and MLA, so by 2016, I had plenty of points towards AHIP membership. That’s when I discovered that NCNMLG had a professional grant – and it would fund the $200 application fee! After a summer spent working on my application, I was finally awarded Distinguished membership in AHIP in October 2016.

Just remember…NCNMLG’s professional development grants are available to ANY member, whether a newbie to the profession (or a “seasoned” member like me). And it’s never too late to apply for AHIP! Thank you NCNMLG for funding my application.