NCNMLG Archive

Posted on behalf of Jill Barr-Walker:

I recently spent some time digging through the NCNMLG archive at UCSF Library in search of pre-1980s photos for our chapter’s poster at MLA. (If you haven’t seen the poster, Michelle Bass did an amazing job compiling its timeline here:

Confession: I had never used an archive before and I’m clueless about all of those archival terms that are thrown around. What’s the difference between a crate and a box? What does “linear feet” mean? Is this how people feel when I say “systematic review” or “Boolean”? (Just kidding, I never say “Boolean”.) I’m new to NCNMLG and know very little about its history. I went in search of photos, but I found so much more! What follows is a selection of NCNMLG archival materials that caught my eye (apologies for the phone-shadows!):

1. Initial policies for the group in 1947, then referred to as “Medical Librarians of the SF Bay Area”

2. Minutes from the first meeting in 1947 and one in 1952

3. Voting drama! (1973)

4. Passive aggressive criticism of MLA’s communication style in the 1970s

5. Budget info from 1955 (note the get well cheese gift)

6. Menu for the 50th anniversary of NCNMLG!

7. Photos from the first NCNMLG joint meeting at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, 1952

8. A visit to the Southern California Medical Librarian’s Meeting at Patton State Hospital in 1951

I only spent an hour looking through the rich history of NCNMLG and found so many interesting things that left me with more questions than I came in with. If you’re in San Francisco and are interested in our organization’s history, I’d highly recommend a trip here.

If you’d like to shape the NCNMLG archival collection and help make it accessible to others, there is an opportunity to process 2 boxes of materials! Feel free to contact Polina Ilieva if you’re interested.

Special thanks to David Uhlich, UCSF Archivist, who graciously helped me find all of these materials!