Accessibility Information

Quiet Space: We are offering a quiet space in Fromm Hall room 111. This space is not for meetings or conversations, but for quiet rest and reflection. If you are watching media or listening to music, please use headphones and keep the volume low. Please silence all electronic devices when using the quiet room.

Universal Microphone Usage: all speakers (presenters, moderators, and attendees asking questions) are expected to use the microphone. Universal microphone usage is the most important thing that can be done to improve accessibility. Please use the microphone even if you have a loud voice and/or are good at projecting.

Please let us know before May 20th, 2019 if any of the below accommodations are needed.

We are happy to make these arrangements with advance notice. There are fields on the conference registration form, or you can email Claire Sharifi (, chair of local arrangements committee.

    •      Interpreter or live captioning
    •      Lactation Room
    •      Dietary restrictions and food accommodations
    •      Prayer room access

Questions about these or any other accommodations can be sent to Claire Sharifi (