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NCNMLG Executive Board Transition Meeting Minutes: June 5, 2014

Agenda:   May 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes  |    Transition of Exec Board and Committees  |  Joint Meeting  |  Professional Development Committee  |  Membership Committee  |  MLA News  |  2014-2015 President


In-person: Raquel Abad, Carmen Huddleston, Chezire Aclimandos, Mike Liddicoat, Deanna Johnson, Stephen Kiyoi.

By phone: Amy Studer, Shannon Meaney, Claire Sharifi, Rebecca Bayer, Judith Mills, Mina Davenport, Xan Goodman, Sandy Brekke. Continue reading

NCNMLG Business Meeting Minutes: April 16, 2014

Agenda:  Meeting minutes from January 13, 2014  |  Treasurer  |  Membership Committee  |  Professional Development Committee  |  Outreach Committee  |  Outreach Event  |  Increase in Membership Dues  |  MLA Annual Meeting  |  PO Box  |  Election Results

In-person: Raquel Abad, Mina Davenport, Michelle Henley, Carmen Huddleston, Stephen Kiyoi, Sara Pimental, Peggy Tahir, and Debbie Sommer
By phone: Chezire Aclimandos, Deanna Johnson, Mike Liddicoat, Judith Mills, and Amy Studer Continue reading