Rebecca’s Contributions to NCNMLG


Marilyn Tinsley

In the many years I have belonged to NCNMLG, Rebecca Davis has been a leader and inspiration for the organization.

Rebecca Davis Picture

Rebecca Davis

I especially appreciate her combination of level-headed common sense and her creative ideas for dealing with many types of problems. She is also great fun to work with.

I invite you to contribute comments and anecdotes about your experiences with Rebecca, as we congratulate her on her retirement.

5 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Contributions to NCNMLG

  1. Peggy Tahir

    Dear Rebecca,

    I’ve so enjoyed knowing you throughout my career, as a former NLM Associate Fellow, UC Librarian and NCNMLG member. I have many fond memories of you at Joint Meetings and MLA meetings and events. You have given so much to both NCNMLG, UC Libraries and the health sciences library profession. I could always count on you for practical advice and appreciate all your kindness, intelligence and grace. You have been (and will continue to be) a shining example for those in our profession and an excellent human being. May you enjoy your retirement and continue to inspire others!

  2. Heidi Heilemann


    All the very best to you in your next chapter!! You have made countless long lasting contributions to our profession both at the national and local level. It’s been a distinct pleasure to work with you over the years and count on your wisdom, candor, and enthusiasm. Enjoy the summer and all that follows, Heidi

  3. Carmen Huddleston

    Best wishes to you on your retirement. You have been a great support and role model for medical librarians at both the national and local level. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you on NCNMLG activities and learn from the best! Enjoy this new chapter of your life. Carmen

  4. Ava Goldman

    Dear Rebecca,
    You have been a touchstone for all medical librarians I know in this area. I have always greatly appreciated all your dedicated work and admired your example as an outstanding role model for all us librarians. Enjoy a fabulous retirement, Ava Goldman, Senior Librarian, CalPERS

  5. Rebecca Davis


    It means so much to me that you started this thread. Each comment has been a gift. Thank you to those of you who have commented here and in other ways. I have been blessed to have had a fulfilling career and to have worked with capable, dedicated librarians like all of you in NCNMLG. Take care, RD

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