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NCNMLG Chapter Poster at MLA 2014

NCNMLG Chapter PosterLast spring, NCNMLG sponsored a Chapter Poster to be presented at MLA ’14 in Chicago, IL.  In addition to providing a brief history of the Chapter and honoring some of its more influential members, the NCNMLG Chapter Poster describes some of its leadership opportunities, membership details, projects and awards.

We invite you to take a look!   NCNMLG Chapter Poster–MLA 2014

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Rebecca’s Contributions to NCNMLG


Marilyn Tinsley

In the many years I have belonged to NCNMLG, Rebecca Davis has been a leader and inspiration for the organization.

Rebecca Davis Picture

Rebecca Davis

I especially appreciate her combination of level-headed common sense and her creative ideas for dealing with many types of problems. She is also great fun to work with.

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An interview with Rebecca Davis, Head Librarian, Blaisdell Medical Library, UC Davis Health System.

Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis

At an early stage of her life, Rebecca’s interest in libraries combined with her endless fascination with medical information started shaping her career. In junior high, she remembers, she had an opportunity to spend a day with a public librarian. She was interested in what was happening at the library, and surprised that the librarian did not look like the older, very severe-looking librarian at the library in her neighborhood. This librarian was Continue reading

Who is Raquel Abad, the New President-Elect ?

Raquel Abad photo

Raquel Abad

Raquel Abad has been a health sciences librarian at the University of California Davis Blaisdell Medical Library since August 2010. She has also worked as the Project Coordinator for the annual University of Massachusetts and New England Area Librarian e-Science Symposia since 2009, and is the Managing Editor for the Journal of Continue reading

An interview with Marilyn Tinsley, now Research Services Librarian at Stanford Lane Library

Tinsley-MarilynThe story is about natural curiosity, love of knowledge and professional passion. Marilyn started her medical librarian career after acquiring a degree in anthropology. A combination of factors made her discover she had an inclination for librarianship. An aptitude test had shown her natural strength and abilities match those of librarians and teachers. Her job at Stanford in the pharmacology department gave her the opportunity to have frequent interactions with reference librarians at Lane. She felt the need for bigger challenges and higher satisfaction. She decided to acquire an MLS and started as an assistant in the inter-library loan department at Lane. Lane library director at the time thought it best she and another junior librarian acquire experience as librarians in other institutions before he could transfer them to higher positions. Continue reading