NCNMLG Chapter Poster at MLA 2014

NCNMLG Chapter PosterLast spring, NCNMLG sponsored a Chapter Poster to be presented at MLA ’14 in Chicago, IL.  In addition to providing a brief history of the Chapter and honoring some of its more influential members, the NCNMLG Chapter Poster describes some of its leadership opportunities, membership details, projects and awards.

We invite you to take a look!   NCNMLG Chapter Poster–MLA 2014

A team of NCNMLG members, consisting of  Raquel Abad, Rupa Chaobal (now deceased), Rebecca Davis, Jean Johnson, Ana Macias, Peggy Makie, Claire Sharifi, and Amy Studer, volunteered to create the poster.  The group collaborated online and by phone to design the poster and a takeaway flyer for conference.  Jean Johnson represented the chapter during the poster session.  In addition, the poster was unveiled at the NCNMLG Outreach Event at El Camino Hospital.

This is one example of the great projects that NCNMLG members can participate in!