Stephen Kiyoi

Stephen Kiyoi

Many thanks to NCNMLG for the professional development grant that supported the first quarter of my enrollment in the UCSF Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership program (MS-HAIL).

MS-HAIL, UCSF’s first online master’s program, is designed to equip working professionals from clinical and non-clinical areas to become the new leaders of healthcare. The program’s blended online/on-campus model includes eight online classes, two face-to-face on-campus courses, and two administrative practicum courses.

My Capstone project for the program is to engage patients with MYSFHEALTH, which is the new patient portal for San Francisco General Hospital and the San Francisco Health Network. We’re hoping that the portal will make patients’ health information more accessible and understandable to them. With additional funding from the Pacific Southwest Regional Medical Library, and the San Francisco Heart’s Foundation, I am leading an interprofessional group of physicians, researchers, health educators, and public librarians to promote computer and health literacy as it relates to the portal. We are also waiting to hear back regarding a R08 grant application from the National Library of Medicine to develop an evidence based curriculum for the portal.

The MS-HAIL program has been an incredible opportunity to engage with a diverse cohort of students. In my cohort, we have doctors, nurses, administrative directors, HR executives, (and one librarian). I believe that the MS-HAIL program will provide me with training and opportunities to better advocate for the library’s relevance in health research and healthcare. With the advent of electronic health records, patient portals, clinical decision support systems, and big data, I really believe that healthcare needs leaders who can grapple with how complex information issues can and should intersect with both research and patient care!