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NCNMLG Chapter Poster at MLA 2014

NCNMLG Chapter PosterLast spring, NCNMLG sponsored a Chapter Poster to be presented at MLA ’14 in Chicago, IL.  In addition to providing a brief history of the Chapter and honoring some of its more influential members, the NCNMLG Chapter Poster describes some of its leadership opportunities, membership details, projects and awards.

We invite you to take a look!   NCNMLG Chapter Poster–MLA 2014

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I am posting this brief message to remind individuals to renew their NCNMLG Membership.  The membership year began in June and to date only about one-third of our members have renewed.  Please renew at your earliest convenience. The members’ only section passwords will be changing soon.

Our bi-laws stipulate that: “If dues are unpaid by October 1, dues shall be considered in arrears and without further notice the member may be suspended from all rights and privileges”. Continue reading


MAY 6, 2014

Dear Valued NCNMLG Members:

Membership renewal time is rapidly approaching and there are several changes that need to be highlighted. In 2013 members were surveyed and 75% agreed that dues should be increased from $25 dollars to $35 dollars per year. With Board approval this dues increase takes effect on June 1st 2014.

This slight increase provides needed funds and establishes parity with the fee structure of adjacent MLA Chapters. The credit card pay option has been adjusted to reflect this change. If you pay by check please remember to increase the amount to $35.

Please be aware that our organizational address has also changed. Dues Payments need to be addressed to:

P O BOX 64099

(For other correspondence please use the above address and include the Committee Name or Person you wish to contact. This will greatly facilitate getting your message to the proper person in a timely manner).

Please make every effort to pay promptly as this greatly facilitates our ability to plan and execute programs efficiently. Thank you for attending to these organizational changes. We greatly value your Membership.

Mike Liddicoat