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Who is Raquel Abad, the New President-Elect ?

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Raquel Abad

Raquel Abad has been a health sciences librarian at the University of California Davis Blaisdell Medical Library since August 2010. She has also worked as the Project Coordinator for the annual University of Massachusetts and New England Area Librarian e-Science Symposia since 2009, and is the Managing Editor for the Journal of Continue reading

My MLA 2013 Reflections

I used the NCNMLG Professional Development Grant to cover a portion of the expenses that were incurred by attending the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association (MLA).  This meeting was held May 3-May 8, 2013, but I attended from May 4-May 8.  This was my second time attending the MLA conference, but my first time was in 2008, which was about two months after I had just begun my career as a medical librarian, so I am sure you can imagine I was somewhat overwhelmed and the experience was a whirl!  While that first experience was certainly a valuable learning experience, this year’s meeting gave me an opportunity to build upon the years of professional experience that I have acquired since that first meeting.  When considering the meeting in retrospect, two themes particularly stand out: relationship building and professional inspiration.  Continue reading