Earn 4 MLA CE Hours While You Learn: Discovering TOXNET: From Paracelsus to Nanotechnology

Hi NCNMLG Members!

Interested in using TOXNET but need to brush up on your skills? Sign up for the National Library of Medicine Training Center’s course offered exclusively to NCNMLG members while you earn 4 MLA CE hours.  See details below. If you have any questions please let me know.

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Judith Weiner Mills, AHIP, MLIS, MS
Knowledge Manager Librarian
NCNMLG Past President

Discovering TOXNET: From Paracelsus to Nanotechnology (Module 1)

Online beta class

July 22 – August 2:  work on your own time, estimated 3 hours total

August 7:  1 hour web conference, 10 am Pacific Time

MLA CE:  4 hours

This online class will be taught asynchronously (participants work on their own time) for two weeks, followed by a one-hour synchronous Adobe Connect session in the third week.  The class will cover the following TOXNET database:  ChemIDPlus, LactMed, TOXLINE, Chemm, Remm, and Wiser.  The class is offered at no cost to participants.

Please note that this is a BETA class offered by the National Library of Medicine Training Center.  As part of your participation, we would ask that you keep track of the time spent in the asynchronous portion of the class, as well as providing detailed feedback to help us improve the class.

During the asynchronous portion of the class, participants will watch video demonstrations and then perform interactive exercises designed to help them discover the information in the databases.  We estimate 2-3 hours total for the asynchronous portion, but since this is a beta class, we are asking participants to keep track of their time in order to determine if our estimate is accurate.

During the synchronous session using Adobe Connect web conferencing program, we will: 

  • Review discovery exercises and go over questions / misconceptions from the assignments turned in
  • Go over strategies for research/reference questions turned in by the participants
  • Review which database to use for what purpose through interactive polls and whiteboard exercise

Technical requirements:

Asynchronous:  Internet connection; Web browser to access Moodle, our course management system.  Ability to watch videos on YouTube.

Synchronous session:  Internet connection; Web browser to access Adobe Connect and telephone for audio

To register for the online beta class:  send an e-mail to Sharon Dennis at sharon.dennis@utah.edu.  Deadline for registering:  Close of Business, July 12, 2013.

If the timing does not work out for you to attend this beta class, we are also offering an in-person TOXNET class in San Francisco on February 27, 2014, from 9 am– 4 pm.  The in-person class is offered at no cost to participants.  To register for the in-person class, see http://nnlm.gov/ntcc/classes/schedule.html#class5.”