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Professional Development Grants & Ysabel Bertolucci Award
The NCNMLG Professional Development grant program has been created to support NCNMLG members’ professional development activities including attendance at classes, conferences and meetings and to provide NCNMLG members with the opportunity to increase their competence in the theoretical, administrative and/or technical aspects of librarianship and information management.
Applicants must be a regular member of NCNMLG.
Any number of awards may be granted in a calendar year. The amount of each award is based on the number of applications, though generally there is a $300 limit per individual. The allocation of available funds for the award is determined annually by the NCNMLG Executive Board.
Persons given the award must complete the program within a twelve-month period. Once the program has been completed, the awardee must write a short article for the next NCNMLG newsletter evaluating the program and its benefit to them. Failure to complete the program or to submit an article within the given time will result in the awardee being required to return the funds to NCNMLG.
Application Deadlines
April 15 and November 15. The Chair, Awards and Honors committee must receive the application by the deadline.
Apply Here:

Locke Morrisey Professional Development Grant for Students
This $300 grant is intended to support conference attendance for a library and information science student interested in medical/health sciences librarianship.
The recipient must be a current student in an ALA accredited MLIS program, and a member of NCNMLG. Student membership is free.
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Navigate to our online registration form and choose NCNMLG Student Membership from the menu.
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