Presentation Files


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Who’s Left Behind – Part 1 and Part 2
Dr. Richard Kelly, University of California, Irvine


Chat Reference – a New Tool
Jin Wu,; Janis F. Brown
University of Southern California Norris Medical Library

Emerging Library Leadership Across the Spectrum
Annie M. Thompson, USC Wilson Dental Library,; Stephen Kiyoi, San Francisco General Hospital, Barnett-Briggs Medical Library, UCSF; Nancy Olmos, USC Norris Medical Library

Outreach at an Academic Library: Targeting the Gatekeepers
Bredny Rodriguez,
Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library, University of California Los Angeles

The 2015 Fall Med iBookJam: A Collaborative iBook Team Project
Linda S-Ling Murphy,; Graham Stephenson
UC Irvine

Search for Tomorrow: Building a Culture of Research at an Academic Medical Center through a Systematic Review Service
Lynn Kysh,, Robert E. Johnson
University of Southern California, Norris Medical Library

A Flippin’ Update: The Second Year of a PubMed Flipped Classroom for First Year Medical Students
Lynn Kysh,
University of Southern California, Norris Medical Library & Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Framing the framework:  Exploring the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education within the Curriculum of Nursing and Public Health Programs
Xan Goodman,
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Taking MedlinePlus to the Streets with an NNLM Express Outreach Award
Mira Geffner,
Bay Area Cancer Connections

Our Patrons’ Leisure is Our Pleasure: Bolstering Leisure Reading in an Academic Health Sciences Environment
Megan Rosenbloom,, University of Southern California Norris Medical Library; Lynn Kysh, University of Southern California Norris Medical Library, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Implementing a Discovery Tool at a Large Health Care Institution
Eve Melton,, Sara Pimental
Kaiser Permanente

Measuring Racial Microaggressions in the Medical Library Community
Annie M. Thompson, USC Wilson Dental Library; Rebecca Davis, USC Wilson Dental Library; Nancy Olmos, USC Norris Medical Library; Lynn Kysh, USC Norris Medical Library & Children’s Hospital

A Consortial Breakup with Elsevier: Deciding not to Subscribe to ClinicalKey
Sarah McClung, University of California – San Francisco,; Rikke Ogawa, University of California- Los Angeles; Bruce Abbott, University of California- Davis

Using Storify to Capture, Curate and Share Experiences
Nicole Capdarest-Arest,
Lane Medical Library, Stanford University School of Medicine

Notes from the Field: Building an Assessment Program at UCSF Library – Part 1 and Part 2
Ariel Deardorff,
University of California, San Francisco Library

Using Reflective Teaching Practice to Enhance Student Learning Outcomes in a New Online Master Program in Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership
Min-Lin Fang,
University of California at San Francisco

EnviRN-Evidence: Enhancing Nurse Capacity to Search for Environmental Health Evidence
Claire Sharifi,
Gleeson Library, Geshke Center, University of San Francisco

Envision Visibility: A Librarian Partnering With Nurses on Systematic Reviews
Michelle Henley,
UCSF Medical Center, Fishbon Library

Improving Capstone Papers for Baccalaureate Nursing Students: With An Evidence-Based Partnership Between A Health Sciences Librarian and a Nurse Educator
Xan Goodman,, Cheryl Perna, Pamela M. Juniel, and Rachelle Weigel
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Kathleen Carlson Bioinformatics a Model for Interprofessional Education
Jamie M. Gray and Terry Ann Jankowski Do You Ted? Leveraging the Internet for Lifelong Learning
Rikke Ogawa One Thing to Tell Them: You Own Your Copyrights
Sydni Abrahamsen and Kevin Pardon Why doesn’t have the library have this book? Evaluating our Patron Driven Acquisitions plan for Nursing
Brian Chambers Performance Metrics in the Lee Graff Medical & Scientific Library
Emily K. Chan and Jennifer E. Dinalo Effectiveness of Library Staff Training on use of Gimlet in Reference Statistics Recording
Vessela Ensberg and Bethany Myers Designing a Data Management Workshop
Yael Eidelman Hod LIS Student to Medical Librarian: Challenges in Medical Librarianship Promotion at the SJSU
Carmen Huddleston and Angela Schmidt Library Services and Psychosocial Intervention
Geri Bodeker and Stephanie Powell Doubling Our Efforts : Putting Patients First
Jill Barr-Walker Evidence-based public health and information needs of public health workers: a systematic search and review
Carrie Grinstead Marketing and Relationship-Building in a Large New Service Area
Rachel K Stark, Preeti Oza, and Jamie Paiva Your Library, My Expertise: Creating a Research Project Through Collaboration